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Protect your family and home investment with solar power from a company you can trust – SPARRA Energy Solutions. You can now have assurance and control of your home’s energy and help protect you against rising energy prices in Nevada. Also, with the addition of a solar battery backup, your system could be a safeguard power outages and grid instability.


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SPARRA’s reliable solar experience includes a

no-pressure energy consultation.

We provide the best solutions and financing options for you individually. We will custom design your solar system to fit your energy goals, usage, and budget. Our expert team will provide a solar layout customized to your location with quality installation with a full manufacturer’s warranty (up to 25 years) on critical solar components. We will complete of all paperwork from permitting to integration with your utility. SPARRA is local, Las Vegas company committed to providing reliable solar energy for your home. Start saving money knowing you have the best in your energy independence!

What You Will Learn In Your Solar Energy System Evaluation?


How much solar you need to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill completely.


How many solar panels you can fit on your roof.


What your system will cost after income tax credit – up to 30%, plus any state and utility incentives.


How long it will take for your system to pay for itself.

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What Are My Payment Options For Solar Energy System?


The benefits are clear with a cash option. you’ll save more money over the life of your solar panels. Paying with cash you avoid paying interest and loan fees. In addition, you will not need to have a qualifying credit score.

Financing Through A Third-Party Company

When financing through a third-party most APRs are 6% to 36% depending on your credit score, income, and existing debts. With these type of short-term repayments loans your net savings will show up sooner on your solar energy system, as the life of the loan is shorter term. Also, you can receive funding for these types of loans fairly quick, sometimes as soon as one to two days. You also do not need any type of collateral, such as your home.

Home Equity Financing

With a HELOC you must have enough equity in your home to obtain the right loan amount. The interest rate are normally 4%-6% lower than most third-party loans with a repayment period of 15-20 years. You do however get more tax benefits and are able to deduct the interest of the loan on your taxes.

FHA 203(k) loan

An FHA 203(k) loan allows you to roll the cost of home improvement projects into your new or refinanced mortgage. Since a 203(k) loan is a mortgage, you’ll have to pay its rate, which averages 4% to 6%, for the full mortgage term, unless you refinance. FHA loans allow credit scores as low as 500, but may require a higher down payment. You will need to carry FHA mortgage insurance and you must find a contractor who can start within 30 days.

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