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Save money, energy, and your air conditioner! Live comfortably in every room of your home with SPARRA Window Films. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, or privacy, we have a window tint to help you enhance the comfort of your home.

We offer the best and most trusted window films around from Solar Gard. All the window films we offer are backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. No job is too big or too small.

What sets us apart from our competition is our professional installation. Our installations are as close to perfect as you will find-No Excuses, No Dirt & No Bubbles. Our technicians are capable of handling the toughest.

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Ecolux Low-E Solar Window Film

Ecolux™ Low-E

TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.

Key Benefits

  • Low emissivity prevents heat from escaping through windows in the Winter
  • Spectral selectivity lets in 68% of natural light while keeping out 52% of the sun’s energy
  • Money and energy savings year-round on cooling and heating
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays
      PureVue Ceramic Solar Window Film

      PureVue™ Ceramic

      Clearly see the world beyond your windows with the PureVue™ Ceramic Film Series from Solar Gard. Leveraging one of nature’s most durable elements, this innovative film line boasts significant heat and glare rejection while still maintaining views.

      With low reflectance that enhances the natural appearance of glass, PureVue is also optimally suited for demanding coastal environments.

      For nature’s clearest views, choose the pure genius of PureVue ceramic technology.



      • Advanced sputtered ceramic technology
        • Rejects up to 58% of total solar energy, resulting in improved indoor climate control and total comfort
      • Low reflectivity
        • Preserves views to the outside, while maintaining the natural look of exterior glass
      • Superior durability
        • Ideal for coastal environments
      • Harmful UV light rejection
        • Protects interior furnishings and finishes from premature fading and sun damage
      • Comprehensive warranty
        • Lasting quality guaranteed for 12 years
            TruVue Solar Window Film


            TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.

            Key Benefits
            • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time
            • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night
            • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%
            • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays
              Quantum Solar Window  Film


              Silver series products are constructed by sputtering thin layers of precious metals onto film. This results in a line of reflective films that provide high privacy and heat rejection while maintaining optical clarity.

              Key Benefits
              • Reflecting heat instead of absorbing it results in higher heat rejection and improved indoor comfort
              • Increases occupant privacy while enhancing the building exterior
              • High heat rejection and long warranty terms combine for attractive commercial payback times
              • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays


              What Can SPARRA Do For Your Home?

              ECO Friendly Heat Reduction

              • Reduce energy costs by enhancing the insulation properties of your building
              • Extend HVAC life & increase efficiency
              • Cut down on by up to 82%

              99.9% UVA and UVB Protection

              • Reduce interior fading
              • Block 99.9% UVA and UVB rays
              • Preserve artwork
              • Protect fabrics and furnishings
              • Protect occupants from photoaging and cancers of the skin

              Glare Reduction

              • Less eye strain on computers and TVs
              • Up to 78% glare reduction

              Comfort & Privacy

              • Increase comfort by moderating temperatures

              • Enhance privacy and safety

              Uniform Appearance

              • Enhance your home’s architecture and aesthetics

              Excellent Optical Clarity

              • Provide an unobstructed view to the outside without distortion

              Home Owners- IT’S TIME TO GO GREEN!

              Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics.

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